Destiny 2, a popular multiplayer online game, offers various powerful weapons to enhance the gaming experience. One such sought-after weapon is the Calus Mini Tool. This article aims to guide players on how to obtain this coveted weapon efficiently.

What is Calus Mini Tool?

The Calus Mini Tool is a legendary submachine gun in Destiny 2 renowned for its high rate of fire and precision. It boasts exceptional handling and stability, making it a favorite among Guardians in both PvP and PvE activities.

Where to get Calus Mini Tool?

Players can obtain the Calus Mini Tool from various sources within Destiny 2. These include completing specific quests, participating in events, or purchasing it from certain vendors within the game.

How to obtain Calus Mini Tool in Destiny 2?

To acquire the Calus Mini Tool, players need to follow a series of steps within Destiny 2. This involves completing specific quests or tasks assigned by in-game characters. Below is a step-by-step guide on obtaining the Calus Mini Tool:

  1. Complete the Leviathan Raid: The Calus Mini Tool can be obtained as a random drop from chests within the Leviathan Raid.
  2. Purchase from Benedict 99-40: Players can purchase the Calus Mini Tool from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower using Legendary Shards.
  3. Complete Exotic Quests: Certain exotic quests in Destiny 2 may reward players with the Calus Mini Tool upon completion.

Tips for acquiring Calus Mini Tool efficiently

Acquiring the Calus Mini Tool can be a challenging task for some players. Here are some tips to streamline the process:

  • Join Raid Groups: Participating in raid groups increases the chances of obtaining the Calus Mini Tool as raid chests offer higher drop rates.
  • Focus on Exotic Quests: Prioritize completing exotic quests that reward the Calus Mini Tool to expedite the acquisition process.
  • Utilize Fireteam Medallions: Using Fireteam Medallions boosts the drop rates of exotic weapons, including the Calus Mini Tool.

Utilizing Calus Mini Tool effectively in Destiny 2

Once acquired, mastering the Calus Mini Tool can significantly enhance a player’s gameplay experience in Destiny 2. Its rapid-fire capabilities make it ideal for close-quarters combat, while its stability allows for precise targeting even at longer ranges.

Guardians can maximize the effectiveness of the Calus Mini Tool by experimenting with different weapon mods, perks, and playstyles. Whether clearing out mobs of enemies or engaging in intense PvP battles, the Calus Mini Tool proves to be a versatile and reliable weapon in the hands of skilled players.


In conclusion, the Calus Mini Tool is a formidable weapon in Destiny 2 that offers both power and precision to players. By following the outlined strategies and tips, Guardians can acquire this weapon efficiently and utilize it effectively to conquer their foes in the game.


  1. Is the Calus Mini Tool available for purchase with real money?
    • No, the Calus Mini Tool can only be obtained through in-game activities such as raids, quests, or vendor purchases using in-game currency.
  2. Can the Calus Mini Tool be upgraded with additional perks?
    • Yes, players can unlock and apply various weapon mods and perks to customize the Calus Mini Tool according to their playstyle.
  3. Is the Calus Mini Tool suitable for both PvE and PvP activities?
    • Absolutely, the Calus Mini Tool’s versatility makes it effective in both PvE and PvP scenarios.
  4. Are there any specific requirements to access the Leviathan Raid for the Calus Mini Tool?
    • Players need to have a certain power level and complete specific milestones to unlock access to the Leviathan Raid.
  5. Is the Calus Mini Tool part of any specific weapon meta in Destiny 2?
    • While weapon metas may shift over time due to game updates and balancing changes, the Calus Mini Tool has consistently been a popular choice among players for its performance and utility.
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